Wet Dreams

Started by Karlson ludwig, Jul 18, 2022, 08:00 PM

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Karlson ludwig

I've been having wet dreams frequently lately. I'm talking about an average of twice a week. I'm more than 40. I didn't have so much of these dreams even when I was much younger. My doctor says its normal and no need for concern. Still, has anyone been experiencing the same phenomenon?
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Well... it can indicate only one thing - you're extremely horny. I'd recommend sexercising more. If you're married, then enlist the help of your wife. If you're single, either find partners for 1 night stands or pay for sex. There is no shame in using the services of escort girls
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if you don't want to keep your sheets clean, you just need to spank your monkey and empty your balls


Karlson ludwig, make it interesting for us and tell us about the content of your wet dreams...  :P

imre lakatos

The average number of wet dreams (nocturnal emissions) among males older than 20 is once per month. Men at 40, emit sperm during sleep once per 6 weeks on average. When you are 50, you can expect to have a wet dream once every 2 months.
If you have wet dreams more than the average, it's still O.K. it means you're excessively horny and preoccupied with sex more than the normal man. Be happy with that. It's a good thing.

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Do not worry about your age because it is a very famous phrase then men are like horses and they never get old. it only shows that you are still young and you can handle sexual thoughts easily. About wet dreams it shows that you are still horny at the age of forty so enjoy your moments it is not a disease but a blessing!
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It's still quite embarrasing to wake up with wet underwear at his age. As already mention here, yoiur only solution is to become more sexually active. That's exactly what your body is trying to tell you with all this wet dreams
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imre lakatos

If that makes you feel better, girl have wet dreams as well