I hate my big boobs.

Started by Ms.Clara, Aug 20, 2022, 07:12 PM

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Can anyone tell me how to reduce breast size since i face problems on daily basis. I can not exercise properly they keep shaking. Men stares at me which makes me awkward.
Due to big boobs i have started wearing baggy clothes and i am not confident anymore.
I do like my breasts. They're great, so much fun. You can do what you like with them.

Ricko the onlyone

You know all men loves big boobs.
If your boobs are naturally big then it is never a problem. You should rather be proud of them. At least you are not zero size. I can seen size of your boobs in your profile and i promise that i love them. I would be honest about them, i will give your boobs 10/10 and i kinda want to suck them and play with them too. Hehe


I have faced similar experience but do not worry here are some tips to reduce breast size for you;
Maintaining a balance of exercise and a healthy diet will optimize your weight loss and the decrease your breast size. Eating more calories than you burn causes you to accumulate fat and makes your breasts grow. Lean meats, fish, fruits, and vegetables are foods that help to burn fat outside of your regular workout.
Drinking water may help reduce breast size by preventing fat deposition, which tends to happen more quickly when the body is dehydrated.
I hope my answer will help you !


Overly large breasts in our society come with a lot of baggage, both good and bad. But extremely large breasts may also be a health issue.
Big boob's are linked to a number of physical problems, including neck pain, back pain, and numbness in the fingers, to name just a few.
I have few tips for you in the following paragraph,
Breast reduction surgery is highly effective in treating the problems associated with overly large breasts simply because it deals with the root cause. Other treatments have limited effectiveness since they tackle only the symptoms of large breasts. If you have pain caused by overly large breasts, you can get pain medication. If your breasts cause a rash, you can get an ointment. But none of these steps eliminate the source of the problems, so they are bound to reoccur.
I hope this will help you out.