My husband just use me for sex and his chores.

Started by Amira Ibrahim, Aug 06, 2022, 10:16 PM

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Amira Ibrahim

When I said I didn't find anyone with whom I can feel sexual intimacy, it does not mean I had no sex but it means it lack romance.  My husband function like a machine around me.  He never do foreplay.  He never admired my beauty.  He never said I love you.  He just use me and throw me. Also, he ensures if I'm working for his household chores or not. 
I just feel miserable. I am only treated like a maid.  An unpaid maid. Sometimes I think about getting divorced but then I think about my children and stop. 
My life just sucks and I can not do anything about it! 
Rule with the heart of a servant. Serve with a heart of a king

blue deep eyes

Aug 06, 2022, 10:25 PM #1 Last Edit: Aug 06, 2022, 10:28 PM by blue deep eyes
This is heartbreaking to read.  You're really living  a sad life.
Many women have to live a life like this. In this world it's hard to find someone who loves you and acknowledge your feelings. Because one can afford sex but not love. It's unpaid and always pure.
Honestly I would suggest you to live away from him and find someone who deserves you. 
I hope you end up with someone who plants calm love.

Someone who acknowledges your feelings, listens to your explanations, and stays kind even after a misunderstanding.

Someone who is safe to be told about your shortcomings and disappointments because you know that they always put themselves in the position to understand you.

Someone who does not resort into fights for petty reasons. Someone who makes you forget that you're carrying too much weight of the world. And someone who always speaks out of pure intentions.

I hope you end up with that someone. Because, if there's anything you deserve, it is someone who learns how to love you in the the most gentle way. Someone who will remind you that love is always meant to be calm and does not revolve around sex only.
May God changes his heart in a way you want him to be or you find someone who loves you the way you want!


Amira Ibrahim, if I were you, I would leave this man not before I kick him in the balls so hard making sure he won't ever be able to make another girl miserable.
If you do plan to stay with this asshole, don't open your legs for him. Let him beg.

If you are too horny, just play on your clitar. It's much better than having sex with your current partner

Loreeana ms. brunette

You have you make hard decision whether to stay or leave your husband. If I were you, I would leave him because if you don't, then you will be miserable for rest of your life. Divorce doesn't have to be something as painful as you imagine for your kids if you make them ready for it and talk to them about it. I wish you all the best