My gf blocked me because I wanted to do sexting with her.

Started by zambura, Aug 06, 2022, 08:33 AM

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I was in relationship with a very decent girl.  But she always set her boundaries so high that made me feel restricted. I think she was not in love with me.  She used to do general conversation about her routine only. Nothing more than that! 
I was physically attracted to her but couldn't do anything about it.  She never let me touch her. She was typically a wife material kinda girl
One day I tried talking dirty with her.  At first she was keeping up with me but a very next day she blocked me..  What should I do?
 I want to be with her badly!

blue deep eyes

Just as in real life sex, you need to both be in agreement and consent for whatever you wish to phone or internet sex about.

So ensure you engage in open and honest communication around what you're up for and where your boundaries are.

If you're monogamous, where does the boundary lie in respect of talk of another person - is that banned or is that ok for you in a fantasy scenario of phone sex or internet sex discussion with your partner?

If there's kinks and fetishes involved, is there a limit to what the other partner is ok with and not ok with?

I would suggest you to see if the other person or your gf is okay with sexting or not. It's not self-love to be dishonest around something you're not ok with.
So, apologize her right now,  if you really want to be with her and yes be careful next time!

imre lakatos

Why are you wasting time with such a girl? It's not the she's the only pussy in the world


He loves her and is willing to wait. I find it to be chivalrous


I she is so frigid with him, he has only one choice-- showuing her the way out. He can do it politely or impolitely, it doesn't matter. What is wrong with you Jordanachicka? Are we living in the fucken Middle Ages? Next thing you're going to say is that all girls need to get married being virgins.  >:(