In Pakistani society men are not allowed to have sex before marriage !

Started by zambura, Aug 01, 2022, 03:35 PM

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Being a horny Pakistani man is not easy at all.  Because to get the feeling of love and intimacy one needs to get married first.  And to get married one need to have six figure salary plus a huge house and many more things. The age to get marry is set as 30-35. And all of you will agree that it is quite late.
If someone tries to do love or sexual intimacy without the contract of marriage and people find out it later.  That man would be abused insulted and many more.  Even if someone is caught while dating then people will come with sticks and beat the hell out of him.  I do not find it appropriate.
I hope one day things will change and people will understand how it feels to be not able to get the physical intimacy at the right time.
I hope one day people will know how body desires it and how it is a need of body. I just want shitty norms to change.
I feel like my body is tied tightly and I am unable to untie myself.  All of this is because of my society's restrictions.
Sometimes when my sexual desires are on the peak,  I have to go to brothel to fulfill my desires. Because if I would not, I will not be able to function properly.
What do you all think about these norms?  How one can overcome his sexual desires when on the peak level? 


With these kinds of limitations on male sexual activity, I'd believe that the escort industry in Pakistan is blooming. When fucking is a severe crime, there is nothing left to do but to go to prostitutes


We in Singapore have a similar problem. We are allowed to have sex before marriage and no one will be punished if he/she does it discreetly. The thing is that it's not acceptable to leave your patents house before marriage, so young people have no where to fuck and not everyone can afford hiring a room in a hotel. The result is that we go to public parks, built tents where we can get intimate with our partner, so as a tourist, don't be surprised to see parks with hundreds of tents. Just imagines what happens inside each tent.... :-X

natasha proud

I think this is not something to worry about. Such kind of limitations are in many other countries as well. As you have explained that men have to go to brotherl to fulfill their desires,  it is just because they are not married. They should go for marriage to fulfill their desires.  That is simple! Stop blaming country in this aspect. 

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I have worked in many countries with similar culture and regulations, where people weren't allowed to have sex before getting married etc. However, I heard from local residents that in facts, most of people do have sex "unofficially", as someone above already said. Similar thing is with drinking for example. There are places where you can't drink alcohol in daylight so everybody is drinking in basements, literally, where they can't be spotted. I believe people that live in countries with regulations like these are just used to them and know how to deal with them as well, so assumingly they don't consider it as that big problem as we do


There is a better solution that offers the best of both world. In Iran you can marry a girl for , have sex and get divorced in the following day. It's 100% legal. I shit you not

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By the way, it's not only in Iran, it's in the Shia Islam and it's called marriage of pleasure (Nikah Mutah), which is an indirect way to allow prostitution within the bounds of religion.