women whose husbands lives in foreign countries lacks sexual intimacy.

Started by waking beauty, Jul 28, 2022, 12:19 PM

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waking beauty

I have seen women crave for sexual intimacy whose husband lives in foreign country. Since they get to meet after a very long time they get involve with other men just for the sake of love. What do you guys think?
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You have the right to be with other guys . you have your need and if your husbands is away, you should satisfy them in one way or another. Don't feel bad about it.

By the way, women cheat more than men, it's a well known fact


Don't encourage her to cheat. You think like a typical men - with your dick. There are other ways to satisfy yourself without cheating -- what about masturbation?


From my point of view, a 1 night stand isn't really cheating at least not like having an affair. Whsat do you think her husband does when he is alone and away from her. I'll bet he uses the services of escort girls
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You can present at anyway you want, but one night stand is CHEATING when you're married. I don't say, she needsto stay 100% loyal while her husband is fucking foreign girls, but let's be precise with our language
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For such women who lives away from their husbands. I'll advice them to get divorce because marriage does not work in long distance relationship.  Marriage want attention, love, care and many more.  I don't know how one can stay away from their partner.  It is not possible guys. 
Apart from sex,  you need support at times when there is no one for you.  You need someone who will understand you,  love you, give you random assurances on daily bases, love your flaws,  makes you confident and defend you. 
Man!  If partners can not live together for a long period of time,  how would they develop sense of love and telepathy for each other? 
I don't understand the point of marriage if partners are far away!!


It all depends on single person. Is distance relationship hard? Yes, it does. Is it impossible? I don't think so and I have met plenty of people who indeed had such a relation for a long time without cheating each other. If a woman's need of sex is more important than her relation then why would she agreed to be in distance relationship? It makes no sense


I guess there is in marriage relationship more than just sex and that explains why people agree for long distance relationship. Maybe its a necessary sacrifice they are making for a better futute for their future family. What I am trying to say is that it's not that simple.

natasha proud

Lack of sexual intimacy is the one of the main reason why marriages fail. All other stuff(love,care,underdatnding each other,  supporting at difficult time) is equally important but there should be a balance between between them. 
Before marrying any guy like this,  consider how will you feel in future. If you can adjust without him then say yes. Otherwise you should never say to marriage like this.  Things would not work out.
We live in a society where long distance relationship does not work. To maintain long distance relationship, it is such a difficult task and seems impossible.
So, those who are mature enough won't marry someone who lives foreign alone and does not take his partner along with him.
Reconsider your decision and make good choices in life. Remember such marriages can destroy life. And can give lifetime sorrow. 
Go marry someone who is eager to spend his life with you!

imre lakatos

I tend to agree. What's the point of marrying someone and not living with him. And what about children? Is he going to raise the from afar?