any recommendations for a good brothel in Tel Aviv area?

Started by sloppyJoe, Aug 13, 2022, 04:02 PM

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brithers and sisters of the forum, Im feeling horny  :-* please helppp


The best way to find an escort girl in Tel Aviv is to look for them online. If you're still into a brothel, try the ones in the following addresses:
98 Yarkon St.
108 Yarkon St.
38 Ben Yehuda sT.
21 Karlibach St.


If you are looking for a good website to find an escort girl, I strongly recommend
You can find there hot escort girls but also escort boys and trannies if you're into chicks with dicks. There are also references for erotic phone chats and body massage. And if you read Hebrew, they have a forum with lots of valuable information and users' recommendations



Last time I been to Tel Aviv, there were many strip clubs on Allenby Street. YThis is where you should go. But it's not as cheap as East Europe