Ellza my beloved athletic beauty

Started by sloppyJoe, Jul 23, 2022, 10:15 AM

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She is sexy but her tits are a way too small. I'm into chicks with a big bust
Most men would no longer enjoy conversing with most women if they stopped bringing their vaginas along

natasha proud

Aw, I love athletic girls. She is way too cute. Her body is way too perfect and fit to handle. i am in love with her body.  I wish I could spend some time of my life with this beauty.  I love her long silky hair and that slim fit body.  She is damn hot!!  She is great example of beauty.  She must be luring many boys right now but I still want her. 
Damn I drolled over her. 

babunic man

Damm! girl.

Aw, I adore it when girls are athletic. She is far too cute. Her physical appearance is unfathomably flawless and toned. I am in love with her body. I have a deep desire to share a portion of my life with someone as stunning as you. I adore her beautiful, silky hair as well as her toned and trim figure. She is so seductive! She is a perfect illustration of beauty. Even though there must be a lot of boys after her right now, I still want her.