Sex with stranger

Started by Amira Ibrahim, Sep 17, 2022, 04:40 PM

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Amira Ibrahim

How to get involved in a sexual activity with a stranger ?
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Ummm! Interesting, well if the stranger is like me then you won't have to do anything much. Just give a sexy glance towards me and the next thing you know We'll be having tons of sex!

blue deep eyes

There are advantages to being with a stranger- no strings attached. You can leave if you don't like or stay if you like


Quote from: blue deep eyes on Sep 19, 2022, 05:19 PMThere are advantages to being with a stranger- no strings attached. You can leave if you don't like or stay if you like

No cap! That's surely an advantage. With a stranger, you can always act as if nothing ever happened. Don't you agree?


Now what happens if the girl suddenly becomes attached and want something beyond a 1 night stand? Than you have A PROBLEM...
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This is amazing but i think this should be done with proper consent.

natasha proud

I lived in a girls hostel while I was preparing for my medical entrance. Our hostel was getting refurbished. There were 8 -10 Mason's working there who would look at our asses and legs desperately eveytym they saw us. That somehow turned me on. So one day when I came out of the common bathroom after taking a bath , I saw this man working outside my room. I went inside my room and I was super horny . So I went back again to call that guy inside. He was scared at first but then agreed to enter my room. I closed the gate and withing seconds I was all nude in front of him. He kissed me and and started licking my pussy. I then took his dick out and started giving him a tit job. We then had a quick sex. It was amazing. He fucked me for 2 more days before the work was completed.


Go to a public place frequented by your target demographic. It should serve alcohol.
Find the person you would like to have casual sex with.
Pretend to be interested in them. Ask qusetions. Leave frequently to say hi to someone, take a phone call, or hide in the bathroom.
This eliminates you being perceived as desperate
Get bored of the place you are at. Make sure this is after the two of you are relaxed and have developed a nice flirtatious rapport.
Imply that you want to go do something more fun. Don't flat out mention them joining you.
If they express interest in what you are leaving to do- then casually tell them they're welcome to join
Have casual sex
IF THEY DO NOT EXPRESS INTEREST IN STEP 5- start over at new locale.
I do like my breasts. They're great, so much fun. You can do what you like with them.

Ricko the onlyone

Mostly strangers do not offer sex and it can be difficult to proceed with sex when moat people are shy while saying hello to a stranger.
Greeting unknown people seems too hard a task when we set out for it as a start. However, you must be willing to let go of your prejudice before any interaction. Do not frame some unwarranted notion in your mind about the person you seek to interact with which could pose a barrier in your mind. However, some quick tips would be :

1. Begin with compliments, given effortlessly with an element of reality. Donot shower them with needless praise which seems unreal and patronising. It could be a tiny one nonetheless but definitely genuine.
2. A friendly handshake with a broad smile would serve your purpose.
3. Asking for help patiently and politely, expressing gratitude upon the same being rendered to you.
4.Giving a brief introduction of your own self and gently asking the other person (stranger) for his/her quick description.
5.Steering towards subtle hilarious conversations helps break the ice and set in the comfort level between two people talking to each other for the first time.
6. Not being condescending or avoiding expression of displeasure at their statements.

Overall, a broad smile, genuineness in your manner and an amiable body language combined with patience for hearing the other party out are the key elements for greeting unknown people.

After being friendly and known to a stranger you can tell them your desire of sex with them and then they can approve or deny according to their rules.
I hope it helps