I'm a Pakistani lesbian girl, how do I tell my parents?

Started by blue deep eyes, Jul 29, 2022, 03:31 PM

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blue deep eyes

I am afraid about the fact that if I'll tell my parents that I am lesbians they will kick me out of their house. They are planning for my wedding and they keep on showing my pictures to matchmaker.  They keep on insisting me for marriage because I am 25 years old and they are worried about me. 
But on the other side of story I am in love with my girlfriend natasha. She is so pretty and we have been into different intimate things and we both really enjoys it.  We both want to get married.
Huge problem is that, in Pakistan whole doesn't know that a girl can get attached towards a girl.  They think it is not normal.
So,  now I am afraid I tell my parents they will punish me like hell and they will patch me up with any guy of any age out rage. 
I am so worried and thinking about telling them,  makes me cry because it will shatter their confidence in me as they have done lot for me in their life. 
Now I am in a huge fix because sometimes I can not marry Natasha neither I want to patch up with any boy for marriage.
I have suicidal thoughts all the day. 
Please help me out by giving me advice!


My heart goes out for you. You seem to be in a serious problem.


What's the problem? You and your girlfriend should leave Pakistan. No point in staying in a country that doesn't let you be who you are or love anyone you want
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Where would she go? She probably doessn't have another nationality. I seems she has good English, but will that be enough to get along in another country assuming that she will be accepted to that country to begin with.
In any case, it's not that simple to leave everything you know, as shitty as it can get, and go to a completely different place and start all over again while she's alone with no one to pave her the way
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I seems there is no solution for Lesbian Pakistani girls except for starting to like dicks. What about conversion treatments? Are there any such treatments in Pakistan?


Of course there are conversion treatment in Pakistan for gay and lesbian persons --- life in prison. This is the best cure their government offers them and it's highly effective