Farting during sex

Started by Jordanchicka, Jul 23, 2022, 03:22 PM

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Does anybody have an idea of how to avoid the most embarrassing thing in the world: farting while having sex??? I don't mean odorless queefs (vaginal farts), but the real thing ---- stinking farts coming out of your ass.  :-*

imre lakatos

It happened to me once and I swore not to let it happen again. So here is what I do:
1) If I feel gassy, I avoid sex altogether till everything relaxes there.
2) If I'm gassy and horny and can't put off sex, I go to the toilet and empty y bowels. If I don't feel like taking a shit, I use glycerin suppositories. I don't know about your country, but in my country, you can get them in every pharmacy. Stick 2 into your butt and after 210 minutes, you'll rush to the toilet and clean your body completely from shit and fart.
3) Avoid eating cruciferous veggies (broccoli) and beans. These foods are explosive.
4) If you fear you're going to fart in the middle of the act, switch to the missionary position and avoid doggy and spooning positions. Assuming these two positions weakens your anus muscles and increases the chances that a fart will manage to escape its shitty prison.


Why bother so much? It's not such a big disaster if 1 fart manages to escape here and there


Indeed not a big disaster especially when I used to know quite a few girls who were into scatology fetish. So farting was only warm up


How can you call scatology fetish? it's much more than fetish. It's fucken bizarre, disgusting and sick
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imre lakatos

You might not approve of it dear hottieblondie but scatology , also known as coprophilia, is indeed a fetish niche You might not be into anal sex, but dealing with a a-hole and with human defecating. Many people are excited by it, including famous ones like Chuck Berry. And by the way, there is no proven connection between scatology and BDSM.


Reminds of the revolting video 2 Girls 1 cup. By the way, they say it wasn't real shit what they ate their. Nevertheless, it's still awfully disgusting
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It wasn't real shit? Now that ruins the fun. You should have kept this information to yourself ;D


thats disgusting! just go take a shit before sex.


Empty your rectum before you start doing it.

It can be embarrassing, but it sounds like you and your partner have it figured out — laughing it off and going about your life is about the best solution we can think of. Believe your partner when he says he doesn't care, and hopefully soon you won't either. In a perfect world, you might prefer to never fart, but as it is, you might as well laugh about it.
It can be embarrassing at first but then you will be okay with it.