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Started by King Richard the II, Jul 17, 2022, 02:22 PM

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King Richard the II

My wife and I have been in open marriage arrangement for the last two years. We never discuss what we do with others, but I suspect she has been experimenting with females lately. I really want to join her for a threesome or at least as a spectator. Does anyone have any idea of how I can convince her to let me fulfill this fantasy? ;D


Your wife doesn't want to share with you her adventures outside your marriage for a reason! some things are better left untouched. In my opinion if you start meddling in affairs that do not concern you, you'll end up ruining the delicate arrangement you have with your wife.
If you're so much into being with 2 girls at the same timme, there are tons of brothels where y :-[ ou can do it
Life is too short to cry, long enough to try


Hottie Blondie my dear,
Give the man a break, he wants to see his wife being spoiled by another woman. What can be wrong with that?
Sex Is Emotion In Motion


Your fantasy of watching your wife being humped by another, whether it's a female or male, is simply what is known as cuckolding. it's the fun of watching your wife engaging in adulterous activity
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Most men would no longer enjoy conversing with most women if they stopped bringing their vaginas along


The question that should be asked is if he is going to remain aloof from his wife's sexual activities if she were doing it with other men and not other wome ;) n


Most married men (at least the one I know - and there are plenty of them I know too intimately) wouldn't mind watching their wife having sex with another woman, they'd even wish for that. But when it comes to another man, they don't even want to hear about it. It has nothing to do with sex or passion. It's all about owning their wife and not letting other male competitor set foot in their territory.

blue deep eyes

You need to think deep about it.  First of all consider yourself at her place,  would you allow her for threesome? If yes then it really sound convincing! Go for it,  ask you wife boldly for it.  If you guys have good understanding she will understand and allow you!
You guys might enjoy it altogether.
Good luck for your adventure!


I am against it. It seems their arrangement is working wonderfully. Why risking it with something which can undermine the perfect balance.

Loreeana ms. brunette

I think it depends on how your relationship is. In my opinion you should talk with your wife and tell her openly what turns you up. I am sure you know her enough to atleast suspect what she feels about it. Keeping your fantasy as secret will not lead to anything good.


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A dream doesn't become reality through magic. It takes sweat, determination and hard work

imre lakatos

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