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Started by YosWildGuy, Jul 16, 2022, 04:24 PM

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Hi guys,
Iam scheduled to go on a business trip to Berlin next month. Of course, I want to include some pleasure on my trip. I been hearing good stuff about FKK Artemis. Can anyone elaborate more?


I haven't been there for quite a while, but from what I remember, it was great fun. You pay something like 80 euros at the entrance and you enter a hall full of hot chicks from all over the world. I saw black girls, many with ones from eastern Europe and there was even one girl from Asia.
You can take any one of them to a private room for a full sex act for 50 euro (maybe today it's higher) and for an anal act for 150 euros. You can even cum on the girl's face for 100 euros.
And from one session to another, there is a free buffet (you'll have to pay for alcohol, but soft drinks are served at no charge), a swimming pool for hot days and even a spa.
 If you have spare time while you're in Berlin, don't skip the Artemis


any pictures you got from there?  ;)


Sorry Sloppy Joe, you are not allowed to bring in your cell phones because they don't want you to take pics. Of course, u can sneak in a small device, but I wasn't into that stuff, I was too busy doing other more interesting things than that...


I, on the other hand, would like to recommend the Sauna Club in Prague. The masseuses are hot and the girls have no problem whatsoever swimming or using the other facilities (sauna) totally naked. Most hot the are east European hotties. There are a few black ones if you like ebony skinned girls.
What can be better than swimming in a whirlpool with naked women? Simply heaven.
They are located at Ve Smečkách 598/31, 110 00 Praha 1 (  +420 774 978 070)
They are open from 19:00 to 05:00 ;)
Most men would no longer enjoy conversing with most women if they stopped bringing their vaginas along

imre lakatos

I want to recommend the Budapest P2 Premier Club. Hot dancers. The best ting is that you can pay for a package in advance and save money. There are SINGLE, DOUBLE  and THREESOME  packages.
The Single package, for example, includes:
1 bottle of spirit
2 jugs of soft drink
1 table dance
10 P2 tipping dollars
price is 65.000 HUF

There are also vouchers you can buy for the bar.

their address is Sas u 9, 1051 Hungary, phone for reservations: +36 20 222 4422

There are all sorts of wild shows including stag show on stage, lesbian show, a show with a BBW girl, dominatrix show, pole dance show and more

They are open from 9/10 pm to 5am


I have been to the P2 club in Budapest, beautiful girls and an exclusive atmosphere at affordable price. An awesome place to spend the night if you're horny


And what about us women? are we not deserve to enjoy high-quality adult entertainment?
Speaking of Prague, I would like to recommend the ladies club Nemáš Zač. Its located at Tresor Club, Vinohradská 25, 120 00 Praha 2-Vinohrady, Czechia. Phone number for reservations: +420 777 925 577

You'll find there gorgeous muscular studs with amazing 6packs. Each one of them looks like a Greek god. The club is open from 20:00 to 03:00. The shows start at 22:00. If you come before that, you can spend the time on hot lap dances Entrance fee for females is 200,- СZK, for males 400,- СZK.

They offer 2 basic show packages: The "Not at All" and Golden for 4000 (for 4-6 persons)  and  7000,- czk (for 7-10 persons) respectively. These packages include a variety of perks like sitting next to the stage and lots of free alcohol.


Didn't know girls are so much into strip clubs that they have their own places
Sex Is Emotion In Motion


Come on looplooploopie! are you from a redneck bible belt community where girls who have sex are sinners or sluts? I have some news for you: We ladies have our own needs just like you boys. Some of us are even hornier


Totally agree with you Jordanchicka. Couldn't phrase it better
Life is too short to cry, long enough to try


You can call me whatever you want but the fact remains that the number of girls club is significant lower than men clubs.


women are less extrovert than men when it comes to their sexual needs due to social conventions, but it doesn't mean they're less horny
Life is too short to cry, long enough to try


Men have Testosterone -the primary sex hormone. That's make them hornier per se. You can't argue with biology
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