I'm in love with a guy who has small dick.

Started by blue deep eyes, Aug 03, 2022, 08:46 PM

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blue deep eyes

I am feeling so embarrassed while discussing it with you guys but I seriously need suggestions.
I have been in relationship with my BF for three years. Now we have starting sexting and we both are comfortable in it.  Totally trust each other and respect each others privacy
Yesterday he sent me his picture and it make me very sad. It was very small. Ever since I have seen him like that I have not talked to him because I am in a shock.... 
What should I do?  My friends are suggesting me breakup but I don't feel like.
Help me out guys!!!!

natasha proud

I find it very funny because you're prioritizing your bf dick over three years of togetherness. You're totally crazy to get shocked over it. Small size is a normal thing and it exactly perform the same function like big one. Also I find it weird that you're sharing his size information with your friends?  This is how you respect the bond between you guys? Should he trust you ever again?
A genuine piece of advice is that " go back to him and talk about how you rather than making him feel bad"
Sort out your things quietly and decently! 
Remember size does matter!!  What matters is how he treats you, care for you,  respect you and cheer you up when you're low.  These are the things that should matter. 
Go get a life girl!

imre lakatos

When you say small dick, can you please be more specific (in cm or inches)


I have news for eveyone out there. Size does matter! And I m talking from the female perspective. I m really sorry for all the guys out there with a small willy



Of course size matter. If I were you, I would let the guy with the small dick eat y pussy. At leat let himm make his tongue useful. And while he is sucking my clit, I would shove a huge dildo up my pussy. Let him see the dildo and be jealous of it LoL ;)


If he has a small dick, maybe they should do it in the ass. I'm sure that even a small dick while stuck inside the ass is going to be felt

Loreeana ms. brunette

What makes me wonder is that you have been together in a relation for three years and NOW you noticed that his dick is small?  ;D how come


Maybe she went with another guy and saw the difference lol.


The first I have been with had a huge trunk and I thought this was the standard. I was so much disappointed when I was with the second boy


Size really doesn't matter. Anyone who says otherwise, knows nothing about sex. The female's pleasure organ - the clit - is external so a dick 1 inch long and a dick 20 inch long will do the same. What matters is what the guy does with his dick. How he uses it to pleasure you.

imre lakatos

For your information, around 30% of the females cum as a result of penetration. So for them size does matter: the bigger, the better