What's the escort services?

Started by waking beauty, Aug 01, 2022, 09:46 PM

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waking beauty

Hello guys,  can anyone tell me what are the escort services? I don't have any idea about it.  I'll be happy if someone pinch in and explain me about it. 
I will be waiting for responses! Xoxo
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blue deep eyes

An escort is a person(preferably a female but sometimes male too).
An escort has to spends time with a person in exchange for money. It's like prostitution.
In most of the cases, the escort come along with his/her client to any social event or any specific occasion like engagement.
The escort may work under a contract for several days or weeks. They work according to the contract only and gets money in return.
 On the other hand, a prostitute is usually engaged for a very short period of time and is removed any time.


I couldn't explain it better and I am an expert in this field lol ;D


There is one inaccuracy in the long explanation given by blue deep eyes, though. Escort can also be a short term service. Escort girls charge by the hour. The difference between an escort girl and a working girl on the street is that the former does things more respectively. They aren't picked on the street

imre lakatos

It's definitely true. Girls on the street are much cheaper but the service is provided in a dark alley or in your car


I must say that being serviced in a luxurious hotel room by $200 per hour premium escort girl is always better than picking a girl on the street. Yet once in a while I feel like going for the cheapest option for the sake of fun. Getting a blow job in my car has its merits 


I fully understand you YosWildGuy. I wish there were more boys I could that easily pick on the street  ;D


Why would you need to pick a boy on the street. As a girl go to a bar and you won't have a problem finding someone you can fuck with anywhere you want. That's the power we have as females, we get to choose whether and when to have sex


Yes, but being able to choose trashy boys is not something you shouldbe proud of. The challenge is making the alpha boys go with you - those who are rich and handsome